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About Downtown Pizza Grill


Downtown Pizza , located on 62nd Street in Ft. Lauderdale, is owned and operated by local businessmen. Their background in the food industry has formed a belief that fast should only be used when describing their service. They believe that regardless of how quickly you may need your meal, it should always be crafted with care and served with pride.

One visit to Downtown Pizza and you will forget golden arches, hut filled pizzas, and 7-11 hot dogs. You will find that your meal will not only fill your stomach, it will satisfy your desire to enjoy lunch, dinner or late night treat. If the wee hours of the morning “munchies” strike, remember Downtown Pizza Grill delivers until 4 a.m. Try asking ole Dominoe, the hut kids or Poppa to stay open late much less deliver. Not gonna happen.

Whether you choose individually made sandwiches or a hand tossed pizza, at Downtown Pizza Grill you will again discover the quality of fresh ingredients that have been crafted with care and served with pride. We are proud that our customers return again and again and we don’t have to offer free toys to get them in the door. Try us..   click  HERE   to see our full menu, or you can give us a call at 954-44-PIZZA


My Name is John MacArthur and I put my name on every meal!


About author

My dream has always been to bring fine dining to the carry out environment. Every item on our menu is prepared fresh in our kitchens. I believe if you offer the best at a fair price......customers will come and return often







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