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5 is the only odd prime number that is not the base of an aliquot tree.

April 23, 2009
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This is not an aliquot tree

     Now that we have cleared up that mystery ( I think it is important to keep your customers well informed) , I think we can stop and focus on the bigger issue. The number five. Now that is something to focus on. Have you ever noticed how prominent the number five (5) is in our everyday lives? 

     Stop and think about it. I just indented this paragraph 5 spaces. Each of my hands has five fingers and I walk on two healthy feet that have five toes on each foot. When I was just a boy, I learned to draw stars by connecting five dots.  I started school when I was five. The average work week has five days. Five has been a big number in my life. It seems five is just a big number in everyones life.


Everybody knows the joy of the “high five”.

     I suppose I began thinking about the number 5 when I looked at the calender and realized the May (the fifth month) is just around the corner. It is a time of transition here in South Florida. The traffic on the streets has returned to normal ( for you new comers, “cotton heads” is a term of endearment!). The lines in the stores have been reduced. Life is getting back to the leisurly pace that attracted us. Oh, we are getting ready for long days of beautiful Florida sunshine and delightful nights filled with tradewind breezes. The five month infiltration of “snowbirds” and month long siege of  “spring break” has come to an end.

Now I can celebrate . . . we have survived and it is time for my May celebration!



     You don’t have to search through any national publication to read about my offer. Nope, it is right here, right now. It is my annual tribute to the number 5 (notice that I plan this to occur in the fifth month and it begins on the fifth day before the fifth month).  O.K., I am announcing it a few days ahead of time, but, you are my customers and I love ya like a brother so here it is.

Every order you place that meets or exceeds $15 will receive a $5 discount.

Available for both take out and delivery.


    This is just my way of thanking you for your support. Now there are some restrictions. In order to receive the discount, you have to present a printed copy of this email that includes the from and to information.  If you are placing an order over the phone, you have to mention the coupon (email) when placing the order. The $5 will be deducted from your total. I need the email to keep track of this give away. Oh, did I mention that all coupons (copies of emails) that are turned in during our wild May give away will be entered into a drawing for a free 16″ pizza. Yep, and I will make that one myself and see that it is delivered to your door. (Another small rule, you have to be in our delivery area…sorry Dad, you will have to fly down and enter for a chance to win)


Makes my mouth water…………


So don’t just think about it, go ahead and print the email.

*** Hold on there blog readers. I know you are not reading an email. If you did not receive this offer in your in box, drop me a line at and I will send you the email so you can take advantage of our offer as well.



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